How to Make Baby Shower Wishing Well

Baby shower wishing well is the process of offering sentimental gifts to a newborn baby and the mother during the occasion of baby shower. This is a celebration that demands meticulous planning. Usually, such a wishing well is constructed by using various items that would be useful for the baby such as toy boxes, cradles, wicker baskets, and more. There are people who make a themed baby shower wishing wells too.

Different Types of Baby Shower Wishing Well

Most people, before giving a gift to the newborn and the mother, discuss with the mother on what exactly she needs, and then choose their gifts accordingly.  Such an act is very practical as the mother can get the requisite things that she and her baby needs at the moment. Some common and useful items given for a baby shower are burping cloths, diapers, teething rings, and stories for kids, or even DVDs with cute lullaby songs in them.


First Time: Typically, such a wishing well is organized only for the first babies. Therefore, it includes lots of tangible gifts as well as love sentiments given by their loved ones. The one who hosts the baby shower normally places index cards with decorations and pens with blue or pink ribbon tied to the pen based on the gender of the baby. This allows guests to write love messages to the baby.

Repeat Wishes: During the last few years, baby shower wishing well celebrations has been extended even to the second or third babies. However, hosts do not expect anything more than mere wishes for the babies and what comes as gifts are considered to be the bonus.

Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

?    Avoid requesting money. Instead, request your guests to write down their best wishes for the baby and the parents.
?    If you plan to give small gifts, mention about it in the invitation. This will be more appealing to the guests.
?    Plenty of baby shower wishing well  and Gift Registry ideas are offered online. You can make use of them.

Remember that the ultimate motive of a baby shower wishing is to receive more wishes for the baby rather than monitory help and gifts. So, plan ahead to make the occasion a grand success.

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